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Online Community Forums for Consumer and Recreational Brands


Beyond Customer Support

Modern consumers are seeking more than just functionality from products, they crave shared experiences and social connections. Invite your customers into the fold and create strong relationships based on value, trust and collaboration.
Engage Students

Peer-to-peer service

Improve customer service and deflect tickets.

Grow Revenue


Increase utility and create a social component.

Engage Customers

Let customers share and express their enthusiasm.


Accelerate Innovation

Capture ideas and iterate quickly.

Forums reinvented
“The ROI for community went from 100% to 500%… I’m experiencing data that’s almost too good to be true.”
Brad Bliven
Senior Program Manager
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Forums reinvented
“We’ve seen a lot of personal relationships grow in the community.
Don Freidkin
Moderator and Administrator
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Create a Social Customer Experience

Build a beautiful branded community on your terms, on your webiste.
Put Your Customers First Put Your Customers First Put Your Customers First Put Your Customers First

Everything You Need

A fully featured online community platform.
Custom Themes

Theme Control

Match your community to your brand.


SEO friendly questions and answers.



Let customers submit and vote on ideas.

Mobile Ready

Works on any device.

Salesforce Integration


Integrate to your website and CRM system.



Fundamentals of Q&A Communities

How to create a thriving Questions and Answers community.
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Growing your Advocate Marketing Program

Learn how to lay the foundation to a worldclass advocate marketing program.
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eBook: Fostering Collaboration & Innovation

Top brands share their insights on how to drive collaboration and innovation.
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