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About Vanilla


Vanilla Provides a Modern Community Platform

More than ever, your customers want a voice within a community of others who all share a common interest and purpose.

With so many sites competing for attention, a successful community must be engaging and reward member participation. Vanilla provides a modern customer community platform to organizations who want to improve customer service, increase advocacy, and strengthen brand loyalty.

Founded in 2009, Vanilla started as an open source project. Today, Vanilla's software-as-a-service (cloud) offering helps hundreds of top brands provide a great community experience to millions of people around the globe.

Our Management Team

Luc Vezina, Chief Executive Officer

Luc is a B2B SaaS veteran and is responsible for Vanilla’s vision and strategy.

Todd Burry, Chief Product Officer

Todd co-founded Vanilla. He is responsible for the product roadmap and software architecture.

Tim Gunter, Chief Operating Officer

Tim oversees Vanilla’s product infrastructure and day to day operations.

Melanie Attia, Vice-President, Marketing

Mel is responsible for marketing strategy, demand generation and branding.

Derek Bayford, Vice-President, Sales

Derek is responsible for growing Vanilla and driving global sales.

Cameron Macleod, Vice President, Customer Experience

Cameron helps deliver exceptional customer experiences for our customers.

Derrick Eason, Director, Customer Experience

Derrick helps customers achieve success using Vanilla products.

Karine Chapman, Director, Finance

Karine oversees the company’s finances and budgets.

Eduardo García Juliá, Director, Engineering

Eduardo is responsible for the development team.